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VIP Club Sex

People ask us all the time, “How the fuck do you sell an entire network of 38 sites for just $14.95? Are you fucking crazy!?!?”

The short answer, “Yes – we are!” But there is really more to it than that. You see, we have over 200 episodes at In The VIP alone, add that to the 10,000’s of episodes in the entire Reality Kings network of 38 sites and guess what? You can’t view this much porn in 30 days! Shit, you can’t even do it in 3 years!

OK… I hear yah, I hear yah loud and clear, “Ahh so here is the gimmick! You are going to jack me for $39.95 a month when I forget to cancel and that is pretty fucked up!”

You are right. That would be fucked up of us and that is why we aren’t going to do that. Instead we are going to give you $14.95 per month for life!

 If one porn video on VHS or DVD is more or less equivalent to 4 or 5 episodes here at In The VIP and we are giving you over 10,000 episodes, then that is basically 2000 full length videos, sorted, catelogued and only a few mouse clicks away.

How can we afford to do this? Because, Hotshot, we have clients who have been with us, rebilling, since 2001! Do you know what that means? The Reality Kings video content kicks ass and our clients love us!

Go Ahead – give InTheVIP a try, you will NOT be sorry that you did. In fact, you might even thank us!

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What’s better than watching some good porn videos? Not much. But have you tried LIVE Sex sites yet? Webcam porn can be one of the hottest experiences of your life. Hell, I’ve had webcam sex that was better than all the times I had “sex” with my ex-wife. That bitch is an ex for a reason.

But how do you find out which sites are the best? Check out this big list of webcam sites over at They do a great job of guiding your genitals to a great destination. You’ll read reviews about heavy hitters like Live Jasmin, Streamate,, ImLive, Cam4, Bonga Cams, and a lot more.

What’s great about cam sites is that you can search for your perfect online slut and then watch her fuck or masturbate online in a steamy private chat session. It’s like a date where everyone gets laid, she gets paid, and you never have to text the next day. It’s one of my favorite weekend hobbies. You’ll love it too. Go check out some sites!

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Looking for a hot porn paradise with a fat discount? Luckily for you, I got exactly what you need! My XXX Paradise is exactly what you would expect it to be. A virtual oasis of hot and nasty porn videos await you here.

With ten full sites ranging from big tit babes to chicks with sexy round asses, to amateur ex-girlfriends, behind the scenes fuckery, and just about every naughty sexy act you could think of. The full network is available to members, with a massive video archive. There are even multiple video updates every week, giving you a steady stream of faptastic films!

Now you can use this discount link for half off My XXX Paradise and get it all for a phenomenally low price. This is quite a steal for what is not only a great quantity of porn, but also are HD quality movies that will give you a perfect viewing experience. Don’t miss out on your chance to get it all at such an amazingly low price today!

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We all played games as kids, but often times as adults we stop having fun. This site features the hottest porn stars in the industry getting together to have some adult game time fun. There isn’t any reason to stop playing just because you get older. In fact, the games for adults are so much more fun than what we played as children.

Right now viewers can get a membership for under $10 with this Group Sex Games deal and see just what I’m talking about. Featuring 90+ of the hottest porn stars, you already know this site is going to be hot as hell. Games like Spin The Bottle and Twister have never been so fun. Hell, I definitely plan on trying to get a group of friends together and try these fun new twists out. I showed a few people this site and everyone agrees it’s the funnest porn they’ve ever seen. Even the losers of the games end up winning here. How can you complain about losing when it means you get sexual favors?

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When my wife left me she really thought she was fucking me over. She was so convinced I would never be able to find anyone who wanted to fuck an older man. Boy was she wrong.

I swear that was when my life really heated up. As it turns out, a lot of younger women love older guys. They find us to be distinguished and experienced. They get tired of their little fuck boys not knowing how to please a woman and wants someone who knows their way around a pussy.

What I didn’t expect was that these ladies would actually be teaching me new tricks! As it turns out my wife was not really holding up her end of the sexual bargain, because these babes did things she had never even thought about doing!

I found this awesome site where I can see other gentlemen of a certain age also taking advantage of these younger sluts in hardcore porn scenes which fit my particular new lifestyle, in fact, soon they’re releasing a new deal on it, so I keep checking back to use this Oldje 3Some discount and get an even better deal on this exclusive high quality porn!


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After a long day at the office, I wish I could come home and really unload, you know? Specifically, I’d like to unload my balls all over a young hot Asian slut’s face. Is that so much to ask? Isn’t that the society we should all be working so hard to create? I’d vote for any candidate running on that political platform.

But until society gets its shit together on real priorities, we have to just make the best of things. One way to cope is to find some excellent porn like on Gang AV. It’s part of the JAV HD Network, so you know you’ll get to watch the hottest Asian sluts in the business, over 600 in total, all getting fucked in every hole and showered in wave after wave of hot cum.

But I bet you didn’t know that you could also score access to the entire JAV HD Network. That’s 15 bonus sites, like Amateur AV, Anal AV, and AV Stockings, just to name a few. Intrigued? Just click our link to enjoy a discount of $29 each month to Gang AV.

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Every so often I get that VIP feeling and boy does it send shivers down my spine. I think there’s nothing quite like knowing that for once you’ll be the first in line to access nothing but the hottest porn online.

Believe it or not you can actually have that feeling every single day of the week. All it takes is a simple visit to and in no time at all you’ll be on your knees begging for more. Once you get a taste for the best there’s just no going back. Lucky for you and your cock that now you know where to get it.

I think you guys know full well that you are the most important person. Your VIP session is ready to start and all it takes on your end is a simple click of your mouse. Go for gold guys and make sure that you don’t hold back, not that the girls would allow it!

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No matter the season, you can find some incredible parties inside of Cumlouder. Whether you are looking for naked New Year celebrations, elves getting erections milked, horny Halloween bashes, birthdays, anniversaries, or something else entirely, you can get it here.

The group sex scenes can range from a simple trio of participants to packed rooms full. One thing is for sure, everyone is getting fucked and loving it here!

There are 100 Party Porn videos inside of Cumlouder. That’s enough for orgy fans to get excited about, but it’s really only a small percentage of their extensive over all collection. There are a vast number of niches covered to suit whatever mood you happen to be in.

Get this Cumlouder discount for $5 off now and you will find such pornstars as Baby Nicols, Rebeca Linares, Christy Mack, Asa Akira, and Natalia Zeta awaiting you.

The content isn’t all exclusive, but there is so much of it that you aren’t likely to let that bother you. Get all your porn needs met in one place.

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When I was in college a friend told me the bar he was working at was looking for more help. I needed some extra cash so I went to check it out. As soon as I walked in I knew it wasn’t the kind of bar I was thinking of. I imagined I’d be bartending or something. This was a male strip club. They wanted me to be a dancer. I was young so I figured why not give it a shot.

This turned out to be the best job in the world.

When women come to a strip club they’re coming for one thing. The cock. They want attractive men dancing for them, swinging their meat around, teasing them. I was having the time of my life. I couldn’t believe what sluts these girls turn into. I put my cock in a woman’s mouth right in front of everyone on more than one occasion.

You can use this discount link for 67% off Dancing Bear and watch these housewives become straight hoes for the dick.

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Some guys like to go to the club to look flashy, show off their dough, buy expensive champagne, and hope to take a gold digger home for the night. Me, well I would prefer a club scene where I can let loose and not hope to find someone to take home, but for them to all be down to fuck right then and there! I haven’t ever been to one of these hot sex scenes personally, but with this $25 off discount to Tainster, it’s like I have my own seat at the bar to watch the debauchery unfold!

What’s even better, is that not only do you get access to their party sex sites, you also get the entire network which covers multiple kinks and fetishes including golden showers, fully clothed sex, glory hole, femdom, and more. Because let’s face it, you might not be down for a big orgy every night. Who am I kidding, of course you are, but it’s still nice to have some hot variety!

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Leanne Crow’s tits are an exaggeration. They seem to have been drawn by a horny cartoonist, but they are 100% real. I’ve been a big fan of her big fun bags for quite some time, and I’m super-happy with my subscription to her official website; especially since I got to sign up for a much cheaper price. Man, look at those glorious pillows… you could just take a nap on them or use them as a grown-up version of a Bouncy Castle.

I just can’t imagine myself paying attention to anything she said to me. Any thoughts in my mind would be replaced by a chimp in a funny outfit banging a couple of cymbals together. That’s just the way it is. At least that is how I feel while watching her spectacular solo shows. Leanne rocks many different outfits and hypnotizes you with her succulent jiggly juggs.

If you’d like to join her site, you can get 66% off here with a Leanne Crow discount and still have access to all of the benefits. This deal has worked wonders for me, and I would recommend it to anybody who’s into massive mammaries.

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My smoking hot cam girl was going to show me things that I never thought possible. Most of all she was going to give it up on camera and there wasn’t going to be a second of this action that I was going to miss. She has such a cute and sexy look about her, those eyes are a real treasure and you can get a real sense that once she is worked up nothing stops her from getting anything that her pussy wants.

I think it’s a dead giveaway that when a girl has a finger in her mouth it is usually going to mean that she is ready and willing to go for it in hot webcam chat. With such prowess she soon learns that men are always going to submit to a cam girl that is open for almost anything. She will tease you, she will make you her own, most of all she will keep you coming back for more all because her live cam sex is always going to be the best!

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I’m just an ordinary guy. I have a routine for most things and I really do like to make the most of whatever life has to bring my way. It is for that very reason that I knew exactly what my cock wanted to kick start the weekend.

There are not many things that you can count on these days, yet it is good to know that you can still count on to keep on dishing out some of the hottest action that your cock could ever wish for.

I really don’t know how they manage to get such a stunning list of classy looking girls. Not to mention that they seem to revel in the fact that they’re all too happy to suck and fuck for the camera. I give them an A+ for effort and I’m going to give them a little something extra just for good measure.

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While I wish that I was one of those guys that always got invited to those awesome looking parties, sadly that just isn’t the case. I don’t let it faze me though, at least not now that I can access free porn party updates and be part of the action whenever I like.

I feel like I need to warn you that these girls can and do party hardcore. I’ve been quite privy to some seriously hot pictures and from what I can tell if you can’t go the distance with them just don’t bother trying as you’ll only end up looking quite the fool.

A party can happen just about anywhere and at anytime. Will you be ready at a moments notice to loose yourself in the moment and bang a hot girl? I know that is sure hoping that is the case as they’ve done all the hard work and made this party happen!

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Perhaps the saying is more common than I think and i actually just need to get out from behind my work desk more often but when someone takes their shirt off at any function, even as arbitrary as a BBQ on a hot summer’s day in someone’s garden then some friend of mine will pipe up: “Now it’s a party!”… and it just never gets old.

My clubbing days might be over but I tell you what, the way the guys at Tainster’s Party Hardcore throw a party would have that friend of mine lose his voice in less than 15 minutes. It is a fuck fiesta like no other, the mother of all orgies really. If I was to crack a nod (an invite, since that’s probably slang) then I’d be there in a heartbeat.

You can gain full network access with this discount to Party Hardcore meaning that your membership purchase have the added benefit of granting you access to all of the Tainster network sites. That’s 17 premium sites for less than 10 bucks.

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If you don’t give yourself the time that you need, sooner or later you’ll start to burn out. That isn’t good for your health, and it most certainly isn’t going to be good for your sex life. I know full well that we all have busy lives, but seriously can’t you spare a few minutes just to have some fun?

I’ve made damn sure that I do and guess what? not only am I a more happier guy, I’m also getting more attention from the ladies. It’s almost like they can tell that Jerkoff Cams actually work. Not only do they give you more confidence, they give you just what you need to make your life complete.

You won’t know it if you don’t try it. That’s pretty much my whole point, nothing is easy and that’s even more true when it comes to seeing nude girls on cam. Just a few moments is all that you need to make it count, are you in or are you out?

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